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====== Travelux ====== {{ TRAVELUX.jpg }} ===== Manufacturer ===== Five different locations near Toronto 1978 TRAVELUX 401 Dissette St. Bradford, Ontario, Canada ===== Years Built ===== Scanned from Airstream Forum member Doug1939: HISTORY FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND INFO. GATHERED OVER THE YEARS. A gentleman by the name of Mr. Wragge, apparently started the Caravel Coach Company (manufacturer of Travelux trailers) at 15 Jutland Drive, Toronto in 1966. The manufacturing began the next year in an industrial complex in Aurora (north of Toronto). I purchased my 22' Travelux in 1967 from Russell Church Mobile Homes in Barrie Ontario. It came with the incorrect appliance/coverings color and the trailer was returned to the factory for the correct color. At this time I learned" bits and pieces": of related info. from various sources. The units were based on the U.S. Avion model. All units were completely assembled in Ontario with all the usual Kelsey Hayes running ear/Dometic/Duo Therm etc. The trailers were overbuilt with 5" frames, and quality cabinetry and workmanship. The business was successful until the late 70's when I was told that a large order from overseas resulted in some financial problems and the company ceased operation. It was subsequently started again in the small town of Bradford. I found a very small shop with some construction and many parts...but a shadow of the former operation. I went back a few years later and it had disappeared. Scanned from RV Times by RogerH. Hello: I have just added a discussion on the Travelux Trailers, this to help provide information and some history to these. I will try to put together as much as I can . They were originally built in a small plant in Toronto Ontario. In the early seventies the company moved to Newmarket Ontario, about thirty miles North of Toronto. Their last move was to a Town called Bradford, this one about 10 miles North of Newmarket. I know there was some ownership change at some point. My father Bob Holliday was the first plant manager and initiator for the streamlined Travelux as a Canadian made trailer. I will add information as I figure it out, it was just a random enquiry on google to see what info was available on Travelux, mostly what I saw on all sites was questions. ===== Models ===== T-20 T-31 President T-29 President Elite T-25 Princess Serial number breakdown a nn nn nn nnn T size year month production-number ===== Interiors ===== {{ DSCF4522.jpg }} {{ DSCF4528.jpg }} {{ DSCF4523.jpg }} ===== Standard Features ===== {{ TRAVELUXSPECS.jpg }} ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Pictures ===== {{ dscf1163.jpg }} {{ dscf1162.jpg }} {{ dscf1164.jpg }} {{ dscf1165.jpg }} {{ dscf1166.jpg }} {{ dscf1167.jpg }} {{ dscf1168.jpg }} ===== Some owners ===== ===== Clubs/Links =====

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