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====== United ====== {{united_badge_being_restored.jpg|}} ===== History ===== Right after World War Two (1945) United Manufacturing came to Williamston Michigan to build Mobile Homes. The driving force in bringing the factory to Williamston was Wes Young. They built the plant on the corner of Corvin & West Grand River. The peak of production, UM had about 100 workers and was a great place to work. Over the years, mostly in the late 50's and 60's, under poor management the factory closed. The building being vacant mysteriously burnt down in 1962. The property is now owned by the City of Williamston where it houses the Williamston Police Dept, and other businesses. {{united_mfg_postcard.jpg|}} ===== Manufacturer Information ===== ===== Years built ===== United Lintz 1949 ===== Models ===== * United Sports-Tour - Model 15 and Model 17 * United Companion * United Tandem Model 27 {{1949_20july.jpg|}} {{ad_1.jpg|}} {{ad_2.jpg|}} {{ad_3.jpg|}} ===== Interiors ===== {{layout_advertisement.jpg|}} ===== Standard Features ===== The Gelstein's 1948 Sports-Tour came with: Marvel Refrigerator (we have orig. instruction manual); Humphrey Gas Light (we have instructions for this in original envelopes); Preway stove/oven Model No. P4571-A 3 burner(we have orig. instructions); Robertshaw Oven Heat Control (we have orig. instructions); sink (drains out bottom, no holding tanks); Dinette that folds down into bed - cushions are innerspring with blue stripped fabric, horsehair and cotton batting inside (we removed this and recovered - the original was stinky and stained!); 2 closets in back - doors open to create a wall for back bedroom - one closet door has mirror - original. Same closet door has orig. warrantee tag on it.; Electric brakes (orig. tag that shows wiring code for trailer to car connector); Ceiling Vent; Furnace; back bedroom with door - we don't know if a couch/bed came with it or not. We threw away the mattress that was in the trailer and are building our own. What was in there when we bought it completely blocked off the back door.; We also have the orig. linoleum on the floor and countertop. It's somewhat faded and worn, but intact so we've decided to leave it be for now. ===== Unique features/Options ===== Gelstein's Sports-Tour - we think the mirror on the closet door in the back was an option. The cut-outs in the wood (design) are on the door, but hidden by the mirror. The wood behind the mirror is not stained or varnished. ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== * United Sports Tour project owned by Mark & Rhonda Gelstein of White Lake, Michigan {{united_sports_tour_fall_2006.jpg|}} * United owned by Max and Jean Tittle of Hickory Corners, Michigan. This trailer is painted gray with red stripping. Interior is not all original, but completly refinished and very nice. This United was only made one year. It is 14Ft. with a rear door, rear bed and front dinning. The unit has water,fridge,a head,and even a micro wave. The unit is pulled by an all original 1954 Chevy five window red pickup. This model is the only such unit known to be on the road to date. {{united_owned_by_max.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== * **1948 United Sports-Tour - Mark & Rhonda Gelstein** -- Original interior. * * 1950 United trailer John Atkinson San Diego Ca ***1946 United 22 ft**, Serial number 293, single axle, two door - believe it is the **Companion** model - at least it looks like the picture in the magazine ad above with the dog's sad face. No new additions or modifications, but has had the stove, heater, and the living room's sofa and end table removed. All cabinet doors and latches intact, refrigerator has Sanitary brand logo and is intact, original windows (a little rusty), outside doors and screen doors, sink, faucet, both mirrors mounted inside both closet doors, fuse box with two glass fuses, AC electrical wiring with wallplates, floor, and tires (but I replaced the inner tubes). I also have original ball hitch and brake lever (that I think mounted in the pulling vehicle). The bedroom had a Levitz Furniture 'The Good Housekeeping Store' (120 E. Ohio St, Indianapolis, IN) mattress/box spring set mounted on short wooden (oak) legs and a still attached Do Not Remove tag that showed a delivery date of Feb 17, 1951. I emailed Levitz about it and they wanted it so much they sent two guys out to pick them up! The title shows my neighbor purchased the trailer on March 7, 1950 in Indianapolis. It has been sitting in their back yard since they built their home in the early 1950s. When I registered the United in my name with a branch of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, they didn't even have United Mfg in their drop-down menu of travel trailers, so they called the State BMV office and they created it on the spot for me. So does that mean I have the only United Mfg trailer registered in Indiana? I'd guess so! Indiana also does not have a paper Certificate of Title, but I have one (title number 17343) and it states 'Type of Body - House Car.' Would be willing to share pics with other United owners. __jmiller51@indy.rr.com__ ===== Clubs/Links ===== * **Tin Can Tourists**! -- * **Repairing Yesterday's Trailers** - This is an MSN group, so you will need to join to participate * **Vintage Vacations Antique Trailer Talk** * [[]] This is an MSN group, so you will need to join to participate * Facebook group for United owners [[|]]

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