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====== Vanguard ====== ===== History ===== These trailers were built in Richmond, BC (just outside of Vancouver) ===== Years Built ===== Built primarily from the early sixties to the mid seventies. Then the focus was on RV & Motorhome construction through the eighties. ===== Models ===== Some models were: T11, T14, T16, T16T, T16S Here is a brochure: [[] {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_1.jpg?200|}} {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_2.jpg?200|}} {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_3.jpg?200|}} {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_4.jpg?200|}} ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard features ===== Standard features included electric brakes, tons of storage & balanced weighting. ===== Special features ===== Special features included a unique pressurized 15 gallon water system ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== {{:vanguard:mini_vanguard.jpg?200|}} Model T11 {{:vanguard:before_4.jpg?200|}} Model T16 {{:vanguard:washed_clean_1.jpg?200|}} ===== Owners ===== The T11 is owned by Jordan & Carol McRae from Surrey, BC The T16 is owned by Shane Cunningham & Barb Cade from Tsawwassen, BC ===== Clubs/Links =====

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