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Sometime ago we questioned members about the utilization of vintage plates in vintage trailers. Many checked with the various state departments and there was a wide range of rules and regulations. Many states do not allow original plates on vintage rigs, and some states depending on which bureau you asked gave completely different answers. Paige Bridges sent along an email explaining how it is currently done in Texas. ---- Forrest, I received this very helpful letter from my friend Mike Deckard, who is personally responsible for getting the bill passed here in Texas to allow vintage trailers to have license plates with the trailer's year on it. He bought his vintage plates on eBay and sent me a visual explanation about how to attach the yearly sticker that is mandatory for all license plates. I thought you might like to see this and maybe pass it along to others who can benefit from it as well. Paige ---- Hi Paige, I took some pictures of the 1955 Texas plate I have for the Shasta (whenever I get around to getting it back on the road). I hope to have it completed about this time next year, if the rain lets up... {{55shastaplate11.jpg|}} This is the un-issued original 1955 Texas trailer plate I have for the 1955 Shasta. Below that is the reflective metal plate and sticker issued by the state. {{55shastaplate22.jpg|}} This is how the state 'wants' it attached (with a small nut and bolt). I didn't want mine attached like that, so I made my own metal plate for the 1954 plate. I'll modify this one like the other one before attaching it. {{54sugarshack23.jpg|}} My metal plate is made from 1/16 aluminum. About as wide as the tag they issue, but longer and with an off-set hole so I can swing it out of the way. If the hole were centered it would stick out on the side of the plate. {{55shastaplate34.jpg|}} Close up if the state issued tag. I believe it's about 2" X 2 1/4". I believe the upper left # is the serial # of the tag. The upper right is the trailer VIN #. Lower left is the County and the lower right is the plate # associated with this tag. {{55shastaplate45.jpg|}} Here's my copy of the original application to use the 1955 Texas plate. I paid with cash, so they photo-copied the money too. I carried this plate to Austin to get it approved because we were going there anyway to visit Sandy's mom. They told me that in the future the local people can approve the plate, collect the $15 fee and forward the approved application and $15 fee to their office in Austin. They said if the local people gave me any trouble, then have them call the Special Plates Branch at 512-374-5381 and they would tell them how to get it done. If I were you, I would print everything I've sent you so that the local tax people can see for themselves how it was all done. Hope this helps, it was no trouble at all. Hugs, Mike & Sandy

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