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**October 2008** I insured my 1955 aluminum airframe 15' travel trailer for $25K, comprehensive, collision, $500 deductible by __Progressive Insurance.__ Simple, easy phone call for binder, followed up with documentation (including appraisal.) The annual cost is $285. Liability, I believe, should be handled with an umbrella policy. Michael Katz <> I have found that several of us that have insurance through antique/collector vehicle policies do not have Liability on the trailers(any trailer, vintage or otherwise) when towed by vintage cars or trucks on those policies. This coverage is specifically excluded whether the trailer is listed on the policy or not. Liability Coverage, Part A of any automobile policy, is very important and is required by most states on the auto or truck. It is automatically included on trailers when towed by autos or trucks on standard(not antique/collector) automobile insurance policies. Two major companies well known for supplying antique/collector car insurance that exclude trailer liability are Foremost through JC Taylor(previously through Zurich or Maryland Casualty) and Haggerty(don't know the carrier). There may be more if this is an industry trend. Please keep in mind that I'm not referring to Physical Damage, Part D, with Agreed Value/Stated Value/Actual Cash Value. This is Liability, and the risk is great if the trailer should breakaway while being towed, even fishtailing into another vehicle causing Bodily Injury to anyone on the road. A lawsuit(s) could easily cause financial ruin. For those of you with antique/collector insurance using your vehicle to tow your trailer, please check your policy, agent or carrier to verify that the trailer is covered for Liability. Also, if so, please edit this page with the name of the agent or company. Thanks. Hunt Jones('55 GMC, '62 Airstream). ---- This can be an issue that everyone should be very clear on. When I wanted to add my '72 Chevy Pick up to my Haggerty policy, they told me I had to remove the trailer hitch and send a picture showing that it had been removed. Also the box had to be restored and the truck could not be used for anything other than driving to shows and car events. Pete Cimbala - '63 Cree ---- Just wanted to pass on to our TCT members, I checked with the company that insures our classic cars, Heacock Classic Collector Car Insurance, and I am covered when towing with my classic cars. As you know, we have both classic travel trailers, classic motorcycles, and classic boats. I am glad for the “heads up” on this, or I would not have checked. I just assumed. I have included response from my agent, Ford Heacock below. They are nationwide, and I certainly recommend them. Thanks, Duke {{heacock.jpg|}} Sure, feel free to share the word that we provide liability coverage for your collector car while trailering. If anyone is interested, our website is [[]] and our phone number is (800)678-5173. All the best, Ford ---- I spoke with Ford Heacock earlier today. He is traveling, but gave me this explanation. Typically, any non powered “vehicle/trailer” would not be insured for liability. The towing vehicle coverage would cover the towed trailer for liability. In the example, what if it kills someone? If the trailer is being towed and comes lose from the towing vehicle, and is involved in an accident, it would be covered for liability IF the towing vehicle has liability. Another example is if the trailer is in your yard and children are playing around it and it happens to roll down the yard and does some damage, or hurts someone, typically the home owner policy would cover the liability. I hope this answers the question. I personally appreciate Hunt, who I have not met and hope to sometime, bringing this to our attention. I am now more comfortable knowing I have liability coverage towing my vintage “toys”, and is included in my policy. Duke ---- Forrest, here's what I have to date. There were a lot of initial responses, most indicating surprise. No activity on this in the last five days, though. Based on TCT member responses on this important topic, I found there is a very short list of insurance companies that automatically include Liability on the travel trailer, vintage or not, listed on the antique/vintage/collector policy or not. This follows the same approach that any standard insurance policy offers for modern cars when pulling a trailer of any age. There is a longer list of companies/agents which don't. I was not given a reason from those companies which refuse to cover travel trailer liability on the antique auto policy, some vehemently verbal and others in large print, but can only presume their underwriters believe the safety risk is too great especially with early hitch hardware. Here is the list of agents/companies which refuse trailer liability as culled from TCT members: * Grundy * American Collectors * Condon & Skelly * Classic Auto Insurance * JC Taylor(Foremost) * Haggerty Please note these are the specialty insurance agents/companies with the highest profiles and the most advertising. There may be others. If you tow with a vintage vehicle and have insurance through these carriers, I suggest you make other arrangements. Self-insuring your financial future is like a warning shot to the head. My own policy since 1972 through JC Taylor Agency is up for renewal on July 23. All four vehicles will be insured under a new antique auto policy which DOES offer trailer liability. There are just three that I'm aware of currently: **Heacock Classic Collector Car**(, 800-678-5173). Ford Heacock is an agent representing Infinity and American Modern Home as primary carriers. Agreed Value on Physical Damage. Not available in AK, HI, MA. Website has procedure for getting a quote. I'm waiting for a reply. **Collector Car Insurance**(, 800-787-7637). Sandy Charvat, agent in Leo, IN represents Infifnity, American Modern Home, and Haggerty. **State Farm**(hundreds of local agents). One TCT member replied that State Farm excludes trailer liability when towed by a vintage vehicle on their antique auto policy. Another verified through his agent that they indeed do, and I spoke to a local agent here in NJ today who said the trailer liability was automatic, just as on a standard policy, regardless of the trailer. I have a meeting with State Farm early next week. Because TCT is the club with a volume of vintage rigs, we need more data from those of you who did not respond. If your antique/vintage carrier offers trailer liability, please let us know. We're all in this to enjoy ourselves, each other, and share the 'canner experience. Thanks. Hunt Jones

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