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===== Please add any places you know where you can rent or stay in a vintage travel trailer ===== Asheville Glamping: Go Glamping in Asheville North Carolina with 6 different vintage trailers to choose from! Two 50's Spartans, "The Silver Bettie", a 1955 Spartan Manor and "The Glaminal", a 1952 Royal Spartanette. Asheville Glamping also has two 6o's airstreams("Rosie the Riveted, and "The baby airstream", an avion named "The Rebel Belle" and a cute 1958 Terry trailer named "Little Louie"! They also have several other glamping tents to rent (Yurts, Bell tents, Domes) Visit their website to book online : [[|Goodness Travels]] We rent vintage travel trailers to you for camping, epic road trips, and special events. We are located conveniently in the New York metropolitan area. Currently, our fleet is made up of one – but we hope to expand! Honey (our flagship) is a ‘canned ham’ style camper from the 60′s. We acquired her last year in great condition and soaked her in love, a fresh coat of paint, and a brand new modern interior. [[|The Starlite Classic Campground]] - As well as a full service RV Park we also feature a collection of vintage camper units to stay in. ---- Silver Dreams- Classic Airstream Lodging This is a company I set up two years ago in Portland Oregon to rent my classic Airstream. I deliver and set up at the location of your choice in and around Portland (from the beach to the Columbia Gorge area). We have done a number of weddings. Here are some pictures of one couple's happy day. We found this park some years ago. Our friends stayed there and quite enjoyed it. Very close to the ocean. It is called the Souwester lodge. Check out the photos [[]] ---- Nine lovely, fully restored vintage aluminum travel trailers await you at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. Whether it is the 33 foot Royal Mansion built in 1951 and restored with leopard carpet, martini glasses, Diner-style breakfast booth and phonograph with a collection of 78rpm records, or the 1947 Tiki Bus Polynesian Palace, complete with hand-carved outrigger bar and your own Tiki God, the Shady Dell’s individual trailers will surely send you back to a time when freedom was just another word for jumping in your aluminum house on wheels, finding the Rat Pack on the radio and navigating the open road in search of your own slice of the American Dream. [[]] ---- We saw several vintage units that seemed to be for rent in Watkins Glen, NY. Wasn't a campground - looked to be an older tiny trailer park. ---- [[]] We rent vintage campers. Go camping in style in a fully restored retro travel trailer! ---- [[]] Cowgirl Bunkhouse proudly operates a small rental fleet of customized, circa 1960's, vintage travel trailers. We are located in the heart of magnificent Central Oregon, just a few miles West of Bend, in the historic berg of Tumalo. Central Oregon Summers are filled with warm, dry, sun-drenched days and cool, star-filled skies and wide wonder nights. The opportunity for outdoor adventure and activities is abundant! ---- [[]] Vintage Roving Travel Trailer Rental. Adventure, delivered. ---- [[]] My father in Canada is a Die Hard Ultra Light trailer fan, and has been restoring these little guys since i can remember. A few years back i invented a popular electronic accessory called the iBallz™(, and my father wanted to help me in my business but couldn’t offer much more then the moral support. One day he asked me if i would like to use one of his retro 60’s Boler trailers for a convention to transport product and advertising. He painted it with our signature teal blue color and shipped it down to California. As soon as it rolled of the truck i was in love. The Boler was quickly adopted as our company mascot and made our brand immediately recognizable. People lined up to see our products, and to check out the “cool lil trailer”. I soon started taking the trailer out on weekends, to places all around California. Venturing out and getting up close to parts of the state i never knew existed. The trailer made it so easy to get up and go and enjoy the world around me. I was amazed with how easy the trailer was to tow, without breaking the bank in gas mileage. I’ve been to so many great places where i could just pull up, set up camp and wake to the most amazing sunrises i’ve ever seen. I felt i was reliving a time forgotten. As my love affair grew with the little trailer, i started restoring other ultra lights and soon found myself with a driveway full of these quirky fiberglass campers . “The Happier Camper” is the result of this, a start-up venture featuring new and restored vintage ultra light trailers with an emphasis on eco-friendly designs. - See more at: ---- Here are a few Vintage Trailer Rentals, even some you can take anywhere you want! Even Vintage VW Vans!!!! [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] ---- There's a place in upstate New York that has some. Here it is... [[]] There's a place around Austin that was trying to get started and I think it was successful, but I don't know the name. ---- I have a customer in Scotland who is setting up a small B&B-sort-of-thing with old Airstreams. Other than that, I don't know of a campground in the U.S. that offers anything like The Shady Dell. ---- [[]] don't know if this is what you're looking for but... ---- Enchanted Trails, Vickie has an Airstream now at her park, 45' Spartan, and a couple more on line. [[]] Scott Adkins and wife are great and have Cozy Coaches and Cabins, in Blanco, Texas [[]] [[]], He rents the complete trailer, you hook- up and drive away, very brave. David and Bonnie Lambert, in Big Spring, Texas, own a really nice campground, and have 2 1940's Spartans- they rent out. Stopped by in Feb of this year, a friend sold them a Spartan a couple year ago, but while the park is first class, the area where the Spartans are looks unused. So, I don't know how actively they rent them. [[]], on their web site is a pic of Vickie's Hudson and tear drop. Not sure she knows that... Know there are a few others too, but Bisbee is still the nicest and has the best variety. ---- I’ve not been to any of these but have kept them bookmarked . . . [[]] [[]] ---- Belrepayre Airstream & retro trailerpark. Nested in the foothills of the Pyrenees near Mirepoix, with outstanding view of the mountains, where you will find this rare and unusual Airstream trailer park. [[]]

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