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-Go Glamping ​in the Silver Bettie ​in Asheville North Carolina! The Silver Bettie ​is 30 ft Spartan Manor made by the Spartan Aircraft company in 1955- The Bettie is set up on permanent location on private property just 5 miles from downtown ​Asheville. She even has a brand new HOT TUB for guests ​to enjoy :-Learn more about bettie and make your reservation here:   ​http://​ Glamping: ​Go Glamping in Asheville North Carolina ​with 6 different vintage trailers to choose fromTwo 50's Spartans, "The Silver Bettie", ​1955 Spartan Manor and "The Glaminal", ​1952 Royal Spartanette. ​Asheville ​Glamping also has two 6o's airstreams("​Rosie the Riveted, and "The baby airstream",​ an avion named "The Rebel Belle" and cute 1958 Terry trailer named "​Little Louie"​! They also have several other glamping tents to rent (Yurts, Bell tents, Domes Visit their website to book online ​:   ​http://​
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