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==== Vintage trailers used for unique work environments ==== [[]] The folks at The Metrick System, a Toronto ad agency that specializes in advertising, video and online software development took over a new space this spring and sent over a few pictures for us to drool over this afternoon. The new location which includes vintage airstream trailers into the concept houses offices, a state-of-the-art recording studio and four sets for shooting video was created by Designer Cheryl Krismer from Crayon Design. The goal was to pay homage to the heyday of Hollywood by giving the space a highly recognizable, but still contemporary feel. [[]] We serve real food out of a 1946 Spartan Trailer converted into a Mobile Commercial Kitchen. Every TravelBurger is made with hand-raised Black Angus Grass Fed Beef from Fowlerville, on buns baked fresh daily at Holiday Market in Royal Oak. [[|SweaterGirls]] The SweaterGirls love to knit, and we are taking knitting on the road. We are the first and only knitting school and knitting supply shop that travels around in a 1955 Terry Trailer. We have a passion for handcrafting and community, and we will bring our kitschy little trailer all over town. Rokit - London's most famous [[|vintage clothing]] retailer. [[|Haberdash Vintage]] The Mobile Vintage Clothing Boutique… [[|Have hip threads, will travel]] “They said whatever you do, we’ll follow you,’’ Chase, 28, said. And then it came to her: start a traveling vintage store. The next morning she was on eBay, bidding on old trailers. [[|Selling Cupcakes]] Love the vintage trailer that she brings to special events and farmer’s markets. I wish she would park that portable-cupcake-heaven in front of my front door. [[|Artists in Residence—in the Woods]] - "Here’s a twist on the traditional artist residency program: Spend a week or two in the woods, camping out in a vintage trailer-turned-studio, with the sights and sounds of Oregon’s beautiful Mount Hood National Forest as your primary (only?) inspiration." It's not vintage but it's interesting that the President's wife uses an Airstream (oddly enough when flying): [[|Laura Bush's Caravan Force One]] [[|Entrepreneur swoops in with aerotrekkiing venture]] - "Club membership runs as high as $200,000, comes invitation-only and prohibits alcohol. Those with the finances and fortitude will find that Sky Gypsy hangouts reflect McAfee's unusual sense of style: Members stay in antique Airstream trailers from the 1940s (including a Silver Bullet once owned by Howard Hughes) — each with an antique automobile of the same year." [[|Cheyenne Diner]] uses a Streamline trailer for a diner in France. I also love the modified Canned Ham trailer. [[|Threadless]] uses an airstream as a recording Studio! [[|Kathy Sierra - 1966 23ft Silver Streak as an office to write her books and blogs (she advertised on our website to find the trailer and mentions the TCT in her article)]] Kathy offered some [[|trailer as an office suggestions]]. [[|Dori Smith]] writes her books and programs from [[|a 1957 17ft Airstream]]. Here is [[|an interview with her]] from inside her office. ---- === Elvis's RV! -- The Tiny Trailer of Tragedy === by Bob Carter It's wacky, whimsical, and wonderful. Don't let the name of the place fool you. The unique and fun-filled City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri is anything but a stodgy museum featuring pioneer-family photos or nostalgic historic memorabilia. Instead, it's a jive collection of some of the most dynamic and creative experiences I've ever experienced. It's a place to climb inside trees, climb stairways decorated with colorful art, and walk upon a world of mosaic tiles, and so much more. The museum is a place of fantasy and wonder, mystery and craft housed in three floors of a landmark downtown building. It's a virtual warehouse of adventure with 115,000 square feet of floor space to explore. It's recycled environment fosters a sense of wonder and awe in children and adults alike. Nothing is static. Exhibits, artists, and entertainers are ever-changing. Tucked away among the museum space I discovered the psychedelic "Tiny Trailer of Tragedy." According to knowledgeable informants, the 1967 Aristocrat Land Cruiser was a wedding gift from Col. Tom Parker to Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Nestled in Barklay Lake, Kentucky, the galvanized love roost allowed the couple to escape the glare of celebrity. The free spirited Priscilla became enamored in the '60s hippy lifestyle and introduced incense, beaded curtains, and black-light posters to the trailer which alienated Elvis, and helped hastened their divorce, I'm told. Today, the trailer frequently houses the likes of Maria Atchison who tells fortunes, along with Elvis memorabilia, and a wild collection of period bric-brac. The trailer offers a delightful and ever-changing journey into an era in America's past. The City Museum is located at 701 N. 15th Street in the heart of downtown St. Louis' loft district.

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