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====== Westerner ====== There seems to be scarce information on Westerner trailers. They were built and sold by the Westfield Company in Azusa, CA. Here is a 12' that looked like a Shasta at first glance. Many of the interior components and layout aspects seem identical to the Shastas of that year. Rumor has it that this manufacturer was purchased by Shasta at some point in the 1950s. ===== Years Built ===== 1952 to 1958? ===== Models ===== Westerner, Pony Express, Deluxe, Sportsman ===== Interiors ===== The "Pony Express" was the only "unfurnished" camper offered at the time, giving those on a budget a chance to purchase a camper and finish it out themselves. The "Westerner" came complete with bunk beds, dinette and full kitchen. ===== Standard Features ===== Bunk beds with inner spring mattress, sink, stove with "ovenette", 50lb icebox, closet with mirrors, two cabinet banks, fully insulated, screen door and venetian blinds on all windows. ("Westerner" model) Pony Express Models had Western Anericana Curtains and Embossed Bullhorns and Branding Irons in the Dinette cushion material. ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== $895.00 ("Westerner" model) ===== Pictures ===== {{:1957_westerner-mesa_verde.jpg?100}} {{:1957_westerner-leo_carrillo.jpg?500}} {{:1954_westerner.jpg|}} {{:canned_ham_2.jpg|}} {{:1956_shasta_westerner_paige_bridges.jpg|}} {{:179073671_1738b0ddd7.jpg|}} {{:179073652_70434dfea4.jpg|}} {{:179073632_305037d4e5.jpg|}} {{:1958_westfield_013104.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== Mike Whitehead Tucson,AZ Mike Robinette and Debra B (1957), Tucson, AZ Rod Wylie, West San Fernando Valley, CA (1957 Westerner Delux) Glen Olson, Biggsville Illinois Karen Kilpatrick, Chris Baas and Cheryl Gonzalez (1957 Pony Express) Rickie Hulsey, Westminster, California (1954 Westerner) Todd & Chrissy Pittman, Northern California (1958) Sam & Margaret Goehring, Boise, Id (1957 Westerner Deluxe) in the process of complete frame off restoration, Dana Johnson and Lynn Baxter, Centerville, TN (1953 Westerner).Scott&Suzi Bailey,Prescott AZ (1958 Westerner, purchased from original owners,we have owned since 1999), Jeremiah & Jessica Webster Salem,OR (1953), Sharon Cormican - Louisville, CO (1953 Westerner Deluxe)heirloom from Grandmother who bought the camper from a family friend in 1968. ===== Clubs/Links =====

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