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 +===== Why a TCT Wiki =====
 +The Wiki is the newest addition to the Tin Can Tourists Website. Although the name may sound silly, Wiki is one of the latest Internet buzzwords and when you fully understand it, you'll see why we believe it's a good fit for this.
 +First, the history of Wiki. A wiki is a web application designed to allow multiple authors to add, remove, and edit content. The multiple author capability of wikis makes them effective tools for mass collaborative authoring. Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia,​ is one of the best-known wikis. The word "​Wiki"​ comes form the Hawaiian language word for fast. It is said that the creator of one of the first Wikis got the name from a shuttle bus line at a Hawaiian airport, called the Wiki-Wiki.
 +Here's why we feel it's a good fit for the Tin Can Tourists. The real knowledge of these trailers and #1 source of information,​ lies collectively within the users of this site. You all have experienced more than any one person ever could. So if we wanted to capture things related to vintage trailers, there'​s no one person that could do it better, than all of you. 
 +Now the TCT forum is a great resource for this, but what happens is that good topics fall down in the many, many pages of the website, and end up only being found by searches. Sure we could pin great topics, but then we would have pages and pages of pinned topics! The Wiki creates a categorized,​ easily accessible, repository of information,​ authored by YOU. If you don't know EVERYTHING about the topic, that's okay. ANYBODY can add to your article! Wiki articles can be added by anyone and anybody can add to them. 
 +**//PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE WEBSITES ON EVERY TRAILER MANUFACTURER PAGE - THOSE WILL BE REMOVED.//​** There is a page below for links to clubs and groups. Feel free to advertise on that page. 
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