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Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 10:21

Manufacturer Information

Bee-Line Mobile Homes, Inc. 5515 S.Main St., Elkhart Ind. — Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 10:19

Years built


(These are the earliest and latest years I have seen. Please correct if yours is newer or older) — Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 08:57 I have a 1955honey bee Inside there is a number written that says #4689 76-106 I am rebuilding it now


  1. 13ft. Honey-Bee
  2. 13ft. Hornet
  3. 13ft. Wasp
  4. 13ft. Week-Ender
  5. 15ft. Bumble Bee
  6. 15ft. S (Standard)
  7. 15ft. SC (Self contained)
  8. 18ft. S (Standard)
  9. 15ft. SC (Self contained)
  10. 17ft. Vacationer
  11. 20ft. Queen Bee
  12. 26ft. King Bee

(There may be more, but this is all I know about) — Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 08:49


Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 09:07

Standard Features

One piece aluminum roof Fiberglass insulation Availible Coppertone gas refrigerator Deluxe lounge Gas lamp Tubular frame


(From January 1965 Mobile Home Journal) — Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 10:07

Unique features/Options


Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 09:05


1960 Ad

1965 Ad 1965 Ad 1965 Ad 1965 AD Jason Ellison 2013/07/24 09:15


Craig & Jill McCormick We previously owned this 1969 Beeline We re-skinned the interior and exterior as well as replace all the systems.


Picture of the 16' 1964 Bee Line my family owned. This pic was taken in 1964 when the trailer was new. (posted by Brent Michael, Murfreesboro, TN)

The newest BeeLine I have ever seen. A 1975 18-20 footer.

Some owners

Jason & Rachael Ellison Beeline Travel Trailers on Facebook Great reproduction BeeLine decals for the front and rear of these trailers.

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