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 +====== Check Lists in progress: ======
 +Check Gas/Propane on/off switch
 +===== Towing Safety Checklist =====
 +Inspect the trailer for loose bolts and worn parts. Tighten loose bolts and replace worn parts before hooking up. If you have bolts that are consistently coming loose, use Loctite or put on a double nut to keep them tight.
 +During hook up:
 +  * Correct size trailer ball in use
 +  * Trailer ball tightly secured to the ball mount
 +  * Ball mount pinned securely to the receiver
 +  * Trailer coupled all the way on the ball
 +  * Trailer coupler release latched down
 +  * Trailer jack retracted or removed
 +  * Trailer wiring harness connected to the vehicle
 +  * Safety chains crossed and hooked from the underside
 +  * Weight distributing hitch spring bars forms attached to the hitch
 +  * Weight distributing hitch spring bars tension set correctly
 +  * Breakaway switch cable securely attached to the vehicle
 +  * Remove chokes from wheels and store away
 +  * All trailer lights - running, brake, turn signals working
 +  * Store the steps
 +  * Unplug electrical plugs and any water or sewer hoses
 +  * Close and secure all trailer vents and windows
 +  * Secure and lock all trailer doors
 +  * Trailer brake controller working and adjusted correctly
 +Each time you stop, check the hitch and cables to make sure they are still properly attached. Check the tires of the trailer to make sure they are not going flat. Check the wheels to make sure they are not hot to the touch. If the wheels are hot, it may indicate a brake or bearing problem.
 +Each day before you start check the lights to make sure they are working properly.
 +Between trips clean the hitch and cables to keep them in good shape. ​
 +Never let yourself be interrupted when hooking up. Keep your mind on your work.
 +Make sure the fridge door is fully closed!
 +Put the Dri-Z-Air in the sink so you dont end up with a mess while moving. ​                                                                                                                                                                                                            A few things to check on your tow vehicle: clear any debris that may be in front of the radiator or A/C condensor or even between the two. Anything blocking airflow will cause overheating and/or poor A/C performance. Also check cooling fan for proper operation. When I change belts, I save the old ones and keep them with the vehicle. This may save you on the road someday.
 +====== Potential Checklists to create: ======
 +===== Problem Checklist =====
 +        Mental Prep - Calm
 +        Making Situation Safe
 +        Dealing with Road Service Agency
 +        Dealing with Towers
 +        Dealing with Police / Emergency Personnel
 +        Family Tree Contact List
 +===== Acquiring and Moving a New, Old or Unknown Trailer =====
 +       ​Mental Prep - Curb the enthusiasm - Focus
 +       ​Tires,​ Bearings, Axel
 +       ​Electrical
 +       ​Structural Checks
 +       ​Licensing and Insurance issue "while in transit"​
 +       First Aid Kit
 +===== Tool & Safety Kits =====
 +        Weight/​Space vs Reasonable roadside fixes
 +        Packing a reasonable tool kit
 +        Packing a Safety Kit
 +===== Knowledge Lists =====
 +       ​Contacts,​ Family, Medical, Legal, Religious
 +       ​Medications
 +       Pets
 +       ​Weapons
 +       ​Insurance Papers
 +       ​Titles