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 +====== Coach ======
 +===== Made in Wakarusa, Ind =====
 +around 1969 or 1970, I think
 +12.5 ft travel trailer
 +===== Interiors =====
 +stove, sink, fridge, bathroom, dinette, lengthwise couch, closet, heater, holding tank
 +===== Exterior =====
 +lots of windows/​Options
 +===== I'd love to find anyone who has a similar trailer. ​ Am looking for a VIN # on trailer to register it in SC =====
 +I bought the Coach trailer several months ago (Jan. 2010) from a guy in Mass.  It is in fairly poor condition but I love the styling, windows, bathroom and lengthwise couch/bed and interior height. ​ It will need quite a lot of restoration. ​ I plan on modernizing the trailer rather than do an authentic restoration. ​ It will be a "​project." ​ Having difficulty registering it in South Carolina because I can't find a VIN number, if there ever was one.  Was considering buying a vintage trailer before I met the Bones of TCT in Hilton Head for a Concours D'​Elegence show in the fall of 2009, but was determined to find one after I saw their Trotwood trailer. ​ I plan on getting the Coach in shape to where I can actually camp in it for a time, not just for show.
 +Any information on this manufacturer or trailer would be greatly appreciated!! ​ Also, any help in getting around the state'​s insistence on a VIN number (they won't register it until they have one!!!) would be fabulous!