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 +===== About Me =====
 +Rachael and I are currently in our 30's and wanted a vintage camper to go on family trips with our son & daughter (both under 5 years old).  Little did we know what we were actually getting ourselves into.  Finding the TCT has only increased our obsession, and drive. ​ Now we love our little camper. ​ It is great to pull into a campground amongst the fiberglass monoliths. ​ We are so proud of it, and love taking it out.
 +===== Our Trailer =====
 +A 13ft 1965 BeeLine Wasp.  We have restored it from the state we bought it in.  We originally paid $250 for it.
 +===== To See Pictures =====
 +Visit our Flickr page!! [[http://​​photos/​99330278@N03/​sets/​72157634775092918/​]]
 +===== Our Tow Vehicle =====
 +A 2004 Chevy Avalanche. ​ (We would love some old wagon or truck or something. ​ Maybe sometime in the future)
 +===== Why I love Vintage Travel Trailers =====
 +We love the ohh's and ahhs we get everywhere we go.  It is like having a classic car, but cheaper & easier to restore.
 +===== Rallies I've Attended =====
 +    Fall Vintage Camper Rally 
 +      Brattleboro,​ VT KOA
 +      September, 2013
 +===== Where We've Traveled =====
 +Around Vermont