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1959 Shasta

Owner: Lisa

I am a Shasta Owner who comes by the love of trailers from spending many summers of my youth at the trailer park my grandparents owned in the Pennsylvania mountains! I still remember the beautiful interior! We always loved Grammy's place! :-) I am a mom of two teens who have forgotten how fun it is to camp! I am embarking on my first trailer restoration, with some opposition! But I see the gem! Fortunately mine doesn't need alot of work! But isn't that the way it always starts?

1959 Shasta

Outside Pics To come!

Inside Pics To come!

We tow our '59 with a Ford F350

I love Vintage Travel Trailers because it's in my blood! They appeal to the gypsy in me!

Have not attended any rallies yet but have been perusing the lists and plan to put one on the list for the summer!

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