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 +====== Fircraft======
 +===== Company Information =====
 +Fircraft was a small company owned and built by Frank Rogers. He lived and works just north of Comanche texas on Hwy 36
 +===== Years Built =====
 +1973 - ?
 +===== Standard Features =====
 +Standard appliances, 3-way fridge, bath with shower, all vinyl flooring except in bed area, queen size bed, booth style table which made into bed for 2. large wardrobe in bath, wood frame, roof air. gas heater,&​ water heater
 +===== Unique features/​Options =====
 +5th wheel ( gooseneck )
 +===== Prices =====
 +===== Pictures =====
 +{{:​69884.png?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +===== Some owners =====
 +Have not been able to find any info other than this. I owned one. No one in Comanche that I've talked to can remember the company.
 +Frank Rogers is deceased & the FIRCRAFT is no longer in business. His son, Norman Rogers has the place.
 +Norman would be in the Sidney, Texas phone directory.