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 +====== Home Comfort Coach ======
 +===== Manufacturer Information =====
 +===== Years built =====
 +===== Models =====
 +"​17",​ "​22",​ "​24",​ "​28",​ "​30"​
 +===== Interiors =====
 +===== Standard Features =====
 +===== Unique features/​Options =====
 +===== Prices =====
 +===== Pictures =====
 +===== Owners ===== 
 +I have a circa 1950 "Home Comfort Coach" 24ft travel trailer. It has two entry doors on the starboard side with a large porthole in each door, along with a rectangular window near the front of the coach and one near the back. It also has a porthole on the port side with privacy glass(this window is for the bathroom), and three more rectangular windows on that side as well, also one rectangular window in the rear and one in the front. The outer skin is all aluminum except for the doors which are steel. It features art deco styled birchwood interior(lots of rounded corners) with a yacht-style central kitchen, arched doorway leading into the rear bedroom with solid wood sliding privacy door, bathroom with shower and front observation lounge with built-in birchwood corner cabinet with an arched opening. It also features birchwood buttons in the form of stars above each window in the front observation lounge. She is in rough condition but all there. I plan on having her completely restored in the future. Any further info on this unique travel trailer would be greatly appreciated. Could she be the last one of her kind to have survived? My email is Thanks, Robert.
 +===== Clubs/Links =====