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How to register, login and upload photos on TCT:

  1. Look up at the right hand corner - click on register, enter some info including email address
  2. You'll get an email and you'll need to click on link to verify your email
  3. Now you'll have a userid/password set
  4. Come back to the site and now you can login (again in the upper right hand corner)
  5. Once logged in, you click on upload (again upper right hand corner)

Need software to resize or fix your pictures?

If the pictures you intend to use are very large in terms of file size (>1 meg), transfering them will be cumbersome, so you'll need to resize them and make them smaller.

If you'd like to use a web-based image resizer and free online image editing site Picnik is a good bet.

If your using Windows and have a batch of images to deal with, Microsoft has free software to do this - here is an article and where to download

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