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 +===== About Me =====
 +I'm a commercial boat captain and work for a Gulf Of Mexico Oil Service Company. I run a commercial dive boat and we do construction,​ maintenance and salvage on oil pipelines and platforms. I work a 28 day on 28 day off schedule. I grew up camping and now that my daughter is 6 I decided to start camping again. I look forward to spending some quality time and travel with her and see some of the interior of the US.
 +===== Our Trailer =====
 +1950 22' Airstream Liner, Currently I am in the process of restoring the unit but hope to have it done sometime this year. I just completed a shell off floor replacement and after a few exterior skin repairs/​replacements I will start on the inside. But, I still use the unit and camp. I use it as a "Tin Tent"​. ​
 +===== Outside Pics =====
 +===== Inside Pics =====
 +===== Tow Vehicle =====
 +2004 Chevy Avalanche ​
 +===== Why I love Vintage Travel Trailers =====
 +===== Rallies I've Attended =====
 +===== Where We've Travelled =====