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 +====== ABOUT US: ======
 +My wife and I were introduced to vintage rallies by another member who after looking at our old Timberline trailer at a local campground said we should take it to a rally and we were hooked.
 +====== OUR TRAILERS: ======
 +We have three trailers a 1957 Silverstreak Jet 19' , 1960 15' Aloha aka the nut house and a 1964 Silverstreak Sabre 19' aka the Dog House
 +====== TOW VEHICLE: ======
 +1964 Ford F100 and a 1956 Chevy 210 4dr wagon
 +We just love the variety of trailers we see and people we meet at these rallies our contact info is
 +look forward to hearing from more trailer junkies.