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Eriba and Volkswagen

Eriba was founded in the mid-1950's by Erick Bachem (Eri-Ba), one of the engineers of Germany's wartime rocket program. The initial model, the Puck, was introduced in the late 50's and continues to be produced in a very similar form today, albeit in a Hymer Eriba factory in France. Other models included the Faun, Familia, Triton, and Odin. The basic design across the Eriba line was a unibody steel tube frame covered in an aluminum skin with a fiberglass roof and birch ply floor. The VW Westfalia originated with “camping box” kits which the coach-builder Westfalia created ca. 1950 to convert the then-new VW Bus into a camper. The Vanagon Westfalia was the last of the air-cooled VW campers and also the best-equipped.

Years Built:

The Puck started production in 1958 and continues to be built today. The VW Vanagon Westfalia was built from 1980 to 1991 although air-cooled models were discontinued for 1984.


1968 Eriba Puck Export model and 1980 VW Vanagon Westfalia Campingwagen Deluxe (US-spec. European equivalent is the “Joker”)


Eriba Puck: Originally cream exterior paint, dark blue with slight teal upholstery, grey linoleum floor, birch cabinets with copper fittings and white piping, white formica table, turquoise enameled appliances. VW Vanagon Westfalia: Originally white exterior paint with blue stripes around bottom, light brown with parti-colored striped upholstery, dark oak/walnut simulated veneer cabinets, beige formica counters, tables with brown piping, stainless stove and sink, and light brown carpet.

Standard Features:

Eriba Puck: Two burner propane stove, icebox, handpump sink, bed for two, dining for four, fiberglass poptop with accordion canvas. VW Vanagon Westfalia: Two burner propane stove, three-way Dometic fridge, swiveling front seats, seating for four, and angled fiberglass poptop with beige canvas.

Unique features/Options:

rotted floor replaced with oak tongue and groove, upholstery replaced with similar, factory cream paint (and 10 later coats) stripped and aluminum skin polished. VW Vanagon Westfalia: Automatic transmission, front carpet replaced with OEM rubber floormats and CD player. This Vanagon took part in the 1980 Wally Byam Caravan Club International 3-Continent Tour O-13 through Europe, Asia, and North Africa. I am currently researching past owners and history.

===== Prices: ===== Pucks range from what you can find them for to about 7,000 USD. Aircooled Vanagon Westfalias may sell as high as 12,000, but generally around 2-4k USD. Watercooled, Synchro (4WD) versions run from $10-35,000


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