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Northwest Coach


Manufacturer Information

I have been able to find very liitle information on the MFG other than they were located in Azusa, CA and actually made by the Gates Furniture Company.

Years built

Mine is a 1968 ( I hope others will fill in the model years as well-Wendy)

Mine is a 1969 19ft (24ft including tongue) Also while researching it appears they were manufactured from at least '61-'69. I haven't seen any '50 or '70 models at all. hope this helps other NW Coach owners! They're obviously rare.–Mark


Little Dipper


Deluxe Edition


Standard Features

Unique features/Options



I have a 1968 Northwest Coach that I recently inherited from my mother(2014). I grew up camping in this trailer and have many great memories. The trailer has been sitting on the side of her house for the last 3 decades or so. It needs some TLC. I plan to give it to her and bring her back to life. I love to camp and have been doing so all of my life. I currently live in Big Bear, CA. I look forward to meeting other vintage travel trailer enthusiasts and especially other Northwest Coach owners. BTW, my name is Wendy.

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