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 +====== Northwest Coach ======
 +x===== Manufacturer Information =====
 +I have been able to find very liitle information on the MFG other than they were located in Azusa, CA and actually made by the Gates Furniture Company.
 +===== Years built =====
 +Mine is a 1968 ( I hope others will fill in the model years as well-Wendy)
 +Mine is a 1969 19ft (24ft including tongue) Also while researching it appears they were manufactured from at least '​61-'​69. ​ I haven'​t seen any '50 or '70 models at all.  hope this helps other NW Coach owners! They'​re obviously rare.--Mark
 +===== Models =====
 +Little Dipper
 +Deluxe Edition
 +===== Interiors =====
 +===== Standard Features =====
 +===== Unique features/​Options =====
 +===== Prices =====
 +===== Pictures =====
 +I have a 1968 Northwest Coach that I recently inherited from my mother(2014). ​ I grew up camping in this trailer and have many great memories. ​ The trailer has been sitting on the side of her house for the last 3 decades or so.  It needs some TLC. I plan to give it to her and bring her back to life.  I love to camp and have been doing so all of my life.  I currently live in Big Bear, CA.  I look forward to meeting other vintage travel trailer enthusiasts and especially other Northwest Coach owners. ​ BTW, my name is Wendy.
 +===== Clubs/Links =====
 +Facebook Page:  https://​​littledippertraveltrailers