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Joseph Oravec

52 Year Old Married to Louann~55, Dad to Ellen~26, and travel with Ezzy ~ 10 Yr old Female Calico Cat, Fizzy ~ 9 Yr Old Male Beagle Dog, & Jenny 11 Yr old Female House cat.

Our Motor Home

23 Ft. 1988 Skyline Lindy

Skyline Cooperation

Oak, Vinyl, panel

All Aluminium Cage Frame

Sturdy Construction

$14 to $25K

Outside Pics

Inside Pics

Our Tow Vehicle

The Combo

Why I love Vintage Travel Trailers

Rallies I've Attended

Where We've Traveled

California, Nevada, Texas, Indiana, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and most of the east coast.

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