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Unfortunately, the company suffered a fire and all information, serial numbers and pictures have been destroyed. At this time, they make modern “Toy Haulers”.

Manufacturer Information

Westphalia, MO

Years built

Produced 1964 to Present


Models started with the 130, 140, 150 and 160 series. Play-Mor also built a 180 and 200 model. The 1960's models were designed based initially on the popular 'tin can ham' style for the 130's & 140's. The larger models were more of the 'tin bread loaf' design with bustle backs (trunk back) and the 150's also have a front bulge which is the only Play-Mor model known to have this design feature.


Standard Features

These trailers were standard tongue hitch trailers and there aren't many left.

Unique features/Options



Some owners

Joy Galbraith, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1969 Playmor 140. 13'

Scott Dorsey, Dodge City, KS–1967 model 140;

Irene Voide and JoAnn Macri - Stafford, Virginia - 1967 14 footer.

Terry Bishop and Angela Thomason, Fort Payne, AL. 1969 Play-Mor 140.

Thom Dann, Evinston FL,

 1973 10' Trunkback Canned Ham

Darlene & Dave Robinson - Uxbridge Ontario Canada

 1969 13" Playmor

Justin Jordan & Candice Brogdon - 1967 Play-Mor 140

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