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 +===== About Me =====
 +Hello, I am new at this and am single. ​ I recently purchased to go camping at a nearby campground. ​ I am interested in more vintage rallies or camping, so I will be looking forward to this.  I recently purchased from another who had done some repairs. He purchased from an older couple who had it for fishing. ​ The oringal title stated just under 400.00 new  I will add pictures later. ​ I am in Oklahoma, so the theme is 
 +Route 66
 +===== My Trailer =====
 +Sokolis Brothers - 1948 Little Caeser
 +Interior is birch but has been painted white
 +Standard Features: sink, cabinets, table, ​ new cover for bench seat
 +Our Tow Vehicle I no longer have my 63 Ford Fairlane that would have been good for this but instead a 2000 Dodge Dakota