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 +====== Safari ======
 +===== Manufacturer Information =====
 +Built in Portland, Oregon
 +===== Years built =====
 +===== Models =====
 +===== Interiors =====
 +===== Standard Features =====
 +===== Unique features/​Options =====
 +===== Prices =====
 +===== Pictures =====
 +I have seen one before in person, was a 1962, and I have seen a few online. As early as a 1950's and then there is yours which is the latest at 1968. Yours is also the only rear door one I have seen. There is pictures of a 1960 at: 
 +Has the SAME Safari decal as yours! ​
 +===== Some owners =====
 +I just purchased a 1974 safari trailer. Also 13ft. I was looking for more info on them and came to this! Mine also has a rear door. I can post pics later if interested. Some of these posts seem from a while back....but if anyone has found anthing more out about them I'd love to hear! 
 +thx, becky
 +===== Clubs/Links =====