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 + Hello to all and welcome to our post.
 +      We are the proud owners of a 1971 Shasta LoFlyte. We acquired her 
 +   about 3 years ago and we got lucky, as she has very good bones. Of
 +   ​course she had the same problems that any other  40 year old camper ​
 +   would have but we have been able to camp in her from day one. I have
 +   been able to complete all of her restorations in the off season for 
 +   the most part. 
 +     We kept the interior as close to the original as we could within reason.
 +   The floor was in good shape as was the counter top and table as well.
 +   ​I’ve switch the circuits over to a true 30 amp circuit, did some low 
 +   ​voltage light rigs and I’ve installed a converter for boon docking. I 
 +   had to do some skirt board work, repair, replace and beefed it up a 
 +   bit but overall she was good on her topside.I was able to get so much
 +   ​intell and advice during my endeavors from the old “Vintage Shasta” website
 +   and from the similar sites that so many members migrated too. 
 +   My wife and I attended a Riverbend Rally in Georgia last year and were 
 +   able to put faces with places and pen pals with names. It was a true joy.
 +   I am sure that our TCT affiliation will prove to be same. We live in the
 +   triad region of NC. Our children are grown but we are both a long way from
 +   ​'​s fun to dream about it though (lol) 
 +   Happy Camping and may the road rise to meet you.. 
 +    Scott and Tatiana
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +  ​