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About Us

We live in the Texas panhandle, and are new to the travel trailer scene. Our Peggy Sue is the first we've ever owned, purchased locally in the Summer of 2012. We always wanted a small vintage camper, and now we have one.

Our Trailer

1988 Sunline Saturn T-1350, 13 1/2'
Electric Refrigerator
Propane Water Heater
Propane Furnace
3-burner Propane Stovetop
Dinette - King Size Bed
Potable Water Tank w/12v Pump
Black and Grey Holding Tanks

Outside Pics

Inside Pics

Our Tow Vehicle

2003 GMC Yukon, 5.3L, Factory Towing Package.

The Combo

Why I love Vintage Travel Trailers

Rallies I've Attended

Where We've Traveled

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