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This was a company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They made truck campers and towable tent trailers. I have a 1969 Vistaliner Pop-up or Folding Tent Trailer.


The Company applied for Copywrite in June 1964. It was started in 1965. I understand that an action was filed bankruptsy court in 1971, it was bankrupt in 1974.

Manufacturer Information

The company was located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Years built

Campers and Tent Trailers were made between 1965 and 1974.


Campers: These are for use on Pickup Trucks. I have seen several refered to. Both for sale in Hemmings Auctions Catalog as well as an “Antique Ad” from the 1960's on ebay. Trailers: I have only see my pop-up camper 3 times in 25 years. Once on Hwy43, Modesto, 1989. Again in Burbank in 1996, at Surfit Upholstry. And, in Jackson Hole. Wyn, going to Utah in 2001. NOTE»>However, I sent in my canvas top in 1988 to the Canvas Replacement Co., In Wisconsin. They said they had many of these trailers over the years. And, reciently I called and they still do!


Standard Features

Unique features/Options



Some owners

Vistaliner Tent trailer, 1968/9 Model. Owners: All are family and related - 1980-84, Andy and Karen Leavitt, Santa Maria, Ca. 1984-88, Charles G. and Lori Aker, Perris, Ca. (1988-present 2013) , A.R. and Britta Hamrick, Burbank, Ca. This trailer has now been in the 'Family' for 33 years.

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