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 +====== El Rey ======
 +===== El Rey Trailers, Inc. 11164 East Rush St. El Monte, Ca. =====
 +===== 1957-1959 =====
 +===== As far as I know there isn't different models=====
 +===== Living/​dining room in front, kitchen/​bathroom/​4 closets in center, rear bedroom=====
 +===== Large bathroom with full size RV tub, lots of storage space, full size fridge and oven(we are taking out) =====
 +===== Nice to have that private bedroom in back =====
 +===== I'm guessing they were priced like an airstream, they are an exact replication except for the bathroom and private bedroom =====
 +===== I found one 18' for sale, one 24' for sale, and one 18' at The Shady Dell RV hotel in AZ =====
 +{{:​elrey_trailers_auction_notice.doc|}} ​