Hicks Mobile Home History Small company called DAVE HICKS MOBILE HOMES that was located in Grand Prairie, Texas. Mr. Hicks got his start selling tires in Odessa Texas in the late 30’s. His father founded the Hicks Rubber Company in Waco Texas and his son, Dave, opened two outlets in West Texas. When the war… Continue reading Hicks


Shasta Travel Trailer History The Shasta Trailer Company started out in 1941 by building mobile home trailers for the US Armed Forces in a Los Angeles, California plant. After WWII, they sold mobile homes under the Cozy Cruiser brand. 1952 was the first year for the Shasta brand to roll off the assembly line in… Continue reading Shasta


Fircraft Company Information Fircraft was a small company owned and built by Frank Rogers. He lived and works just north of Comanche texas on Hwy 36 Years Built 1973 – ? Standard Features Standard appliances, 3-way fridge, bath with shower, all vinyl flooring except in bed area, queen size bed, booth style table which made… Continue reading Fircraft

Clipper Manufacturing Co.

1959 Clipper Sportster

Clipper Clipper Manufacturing Co. Fort Worth, TX. 1958-Early 1960s Clipperette, Sunchaser ‘Bleached Birch’ paneling, other? I just purchased a 1963 Clipper travel trailer. I will add more info as I can- won’t be towing her home for a few more weeks. The only information I found on this trailer so far is an old ad.… Continue reading Clipper Manufacturing Co.