Pictures from the past

Our first rally in Sept 2004, Laughlin, NV. Only two trailers.Both 1947,12 ft(.ser.#’s were two apart.). The Boles did not expect to see trailers. The”rally” was actually were the old caravaner’s from the early days.. They were kind enough to autograph our trailer. We spent three great days listening to road tales. That’s how Miss M and I started our vintage trailer life


63 Road Runner,65 Jeep Commando. My first paid home in the “Oil Patch”. In the Boom town of Evanston Wy.,1977.known as the “Mobile Slum”.
Great interior,ruff skin. Home for 5 years in 10 states.
Jeep was not the right vehicle. Never trust a salesman. After leaving the sales lot, 70 mile trip and a few reflector posts, due to very light front end, that was fixed with a Dodge Power Wagon.
That was my first step to being ensnared in vintage trailers
Just for fun tid bit – Orbie

orbie1.jpg orbie2.jpg orbie3.jpgorbie4.jpg

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