Vintage Trailer Manuals

Does anyone have the manual for my vintage trailer? I’m looking for electrical diagrams for my trailer? Where can I buy a manual for my vintage trailer?

These are common refrains in our facebook group and that come in to our email inbox. First off, it amazes me that people ask for a manual when typically no one ever reads the manual in the first place.

Lets start with the fact that most trailer manufacturers didn’t create manuals but what you got with a trailer was a pile of paperwork consisting of owners manuals for each appliance installed in the coach. There probably wasn’t a manual for the coach itself. The appliances aren’t coach brand specific, they used pretty much the same components for every brand.

If a manual was created, most people never open the manual and set them aside and they were eventually lost over time. If you find a manual, treat it like the rarity it is and then help others by publishing it online so others can benefit from it. The Tin Can Tourists offer a wiki for brands and we encourage our members to send us this information to share with others.

They weren’t thinking about the future for when someone wanted to restore a trailer. Most were hoping to survive the first year and many were very small operations with just a few guys in a garage. Hiring a technical writer wasn’t even a consideration. If a manufacturer grew and become really successful, then maybe this became a possibility.

Vintage trailers are very basic systems, that’s why we like them right? They really are pretty simple when it come to electrical, plumbing, propane, lighting, running gear, etc. The concepts and standards haven’t changed for a long, long time. Almost all trailer brands shared the same suppliers for their systems. Because of this, ask your questions to owners of any vintage trailer and you’ll likely to get an answer that will work for your brand.


  1. I have a manual for my1961 Trailblazer even though the appliances in the manual aren’t the ones in my camper. Just send me your email address and I’ll take pics and send what I have to you.

  2. The trailer and motor home museum in Elkhart,IN has a large archive of trailer and motor home manuals.

  3. Good information Mary – it would be great if they digitized those and made them available online. Not everyone can make the trek! Love that place!

  4. I’m looking for any manuals for my 1966 Frolic in particular for the Dometic Propane Refrigerator.

  5. Hello
    I was fortunate to have the original manual for my 1987 Airstream Excella. It also has sub manualsfor Dometic Refrigerator RM2820 and older equipment like Coleman Delta TX AC,Suburban heater,shurfow water pump and others.

  6. We have all of the original manuals and Appliance manuals are our 1965 Silver Streak Atlas 26 and 1984 Avion 30p if someone needs these manuals.

  7. I have the original manual to my 1967 Avion T20. I can take pictures and email them if needed

  8. Hi. I have searched in vain for any manuals relating to my newly aquired trailer 1976 Holidaire model 1800. As this page points out, often there is no actual coach manual..just component or system manuals for the on board range/oven, furnace or water systems. This Tin Can page mentions a “wiki” of manual info…but I was unable to find it. Can someone please help me? Thanks

  9. Looking for manual for a Go Tag a Long 1973 or any info I can get

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