Vintage Trailer Manuals

Does anyone have the manual for my vintage trailer? I’m looking for electrical diagrams for my trailer? Where can I buy a manual for my vintage trailer?

These are common refrains in our facebook group and that come in to our email inbox. First off, it amazes me that people ask for a manual when typically no one ever reads the manual in the first place.

Lets start with the fact that most trailer manufacturers didn’t create manuals but what you got with a trailer was a pile of paperwork consisting of owners manuals for each appliance installed in the coach. There probably wasn’t a manual for the coach itself. The appliances aren’t coach brand specific, they used pretty much the same components for every brand.

If a manual was created, most people never open the manual and set them aside and they were eventually lost over time. If you find a manual, treat it like the rarity it is and then help others by publishing it online so others can benefit from it. The Tin Can Tourists offer a wiki for brands and we encourage our members to send us this information to share with others.

They weren’t thinking about the future for when someone wanted to restore a trailer. Most were hoping to survive the first year and many were very small operations with just a few guys in a garage. Hiring a technical writer wasn’t even a consideration. If a manufacturer grew and become really successful, then maybe this became a possibility.

Vintage trailers are very basic systems, that’s why we like them right? They really are pretty simple when it come to electrical, plumbing, propane, lighting, running gear, etc. The concepts and standards haven’t changed for a long, long time. Almost all trailer brands shared the same suppliers for their systems. Because of this, ask your questions to owners of any vintage trailer and you’ll likely to get an answer that will work for your brand.


  1. I have a manual for my1961 Trailblazer even though the appliances in the manual aren’t the ones in my camper. Just send me your email address and I’ll take pics and send what I have to you.

  2. The trailer and motor home museum in Elkhart,IN has a large archive of trailer and motor home manuals.

  3. Good information Mary – it would be great if they digitized those and made them available online. Not everyone can make the trek! Love that place!

  4. I’m looking for any manuals for my 1966 Frolic in particular for the Dometic Propane Refrigerator.

  5. Hello
    I was fortunate to have the original manual for my 1987 Airstream Excella. It also has sub manualsfor Dometic Refrigerator RM2820 and older equipment like Coleman Delta TX AC,Suburban heater,shurfow water pump and others.

  6. We have all of the original manuals and Appliance manuals are our 1965 Silver Streak Atlas 26 and 1984 Avion 30p if someone needs these manuals.

  7. I have the original manual to my 1967 Avion T20. I can take pictures and email them if needed

  8. Hi. I have searched in vain for any manuals relating to my newly aquired trailer 1976 Holidaire model 1800. As this page points out, often there is no actual coach manual..just component or system manuals for the on board range/oven, furnace or water systems. This Tin Can page mentions a “wiki” of manual info…but I was unable to find it. Can someone please help me? Thanks

  9. Looking for manual for a Go Tag a Long 1973 or any info I can get

  10. Looking to purchase an owner’s manual our 2015 Shasta Airflyte Reissue

  11. Check out the Shasta Reissue Facebook group – maybe another owner can help you out!

  12. I have a number of campers 1919 to 1935 and a motorhome 1921 made by Anheuser Busch during prohibition. I also have a lot of original TCT stuff your original podium, banners, constitutions, song books. and a book showing a list of all the presidents from the first until about 1950, some other stuff. E mail

  13. I’m looking for a manual for a 1973 14 ft Fleetwing. Info is very difficult to find on these campers. I appreciate any help! Thanks!

  14. Looking for a manual for a 1968 Fan Style Liner or any info available.

  15. I have a 1956 Jewel. I would like to find emblems/badges for this unit. Also an original icebox. I live in Fort Bragg Ca. Would be willing to travel some to get what I need. Thanks.

  16. Looking for an owner’s manual for a 1987 Yellowstone travel trailer. Thanks!

  17. Looking for manual or information for 1947 United Sports Tour, 17ft.

  18. I’m looking for the service manual for a 31ft 1978 airstream sovereign. I have the owners manual but would like the beefed up service manual. Thanks.

  19. Would love any specs for a 1987 Play-Mor II, 10ft, like gvw, schematics on wiring, piping, etc.

  20. I am having trouble locating an owners manual for a 1967 Cardinal Deluxe Travel Trailer. Did they make one at all and where is the best places to find one?

  21. I love how every comment on an article that tries to explain that owners manual weren’t a thing back then, the comment section is filled with questions about where to find an owners manual for their trailer!

  22. Please I’m looking for a manual or any information for my 1972 Bell I just got. I’m knew to the camper trailer world lol would greatly appreciate any information I can get. Thank you so much in advance 🙂

  23. I purchased a travel trailer and do not know much about it. The seller told me it is a 1969 Smokey, it has three decals where it says Smokey and has a bear, so maybe Grizzly model? Any ideas how I can find out more information about this camper? Maybe by the VIN number? Or maybe finding an old manual somewhere? I’ve looked on eBay but no luck. I definitely want to learn more about it!


    David –

  24. Any information or manuals for a 1974 sprite compact camper. It is about 10′ x 6′. Not sure of the model.

  25. Just bought a 1968 Prowler travel trailer, and need a manual, please. Any ideas where to find one?

  26. We are looking for an Owner’s Manual for a 1964 Mobile Scout. Can anyone help us locate this manual, please?

  27. Most trailer manufacturers did NOT make owners manuals. That was the basis of the article above.

  28. Greetings, in search of a 1966/67 20′ Aristocrat Landliner manual for the water system. There’s a Nevin’s water pressure valve on the front of the trailer. Need more info on it’s purpose and full instructions on the whole water system for the trailer if possible. Thank you in advance for any and all help with this jewel of a trailer!

  29. I have some of the manuals for certain appliances in a 1967 Streamline Countess and would like to find the ones I’m missing, thanks. Athena

  30. I have a 1976 Carriage “Victoria” Trailer. Looking for a manual for it

  31. Thank you for all the info and Merry Christmas
    I have purchased a 1967 Aloha 23’ travel trailer im going to restore looking for Manuel and any info that pertains to this model will need some exterior metal siding .. cant wait

  32. Was there a trailer in the 60’s that dropped down to the ice for ice fishing

  33. I have a 1976 Rancho El Rae 16ft bumper pull camper, looking for an owners manual for it.

  34. I’m looking for wiring diagram for 1966 silver streak atlas 26.
    I cant seem to get on the wiki link above.
    Thank you

  35. Terry,
    You are awesome! I’ve been browsing TCT for over a year, and just reading this thread, and must say, the wealth of information and the patience you have are phenomenal! Thank you!

  36. Someone did a bad remodel to our Barcraft mobile home 1972 before we moved in last August–they moved the kitchen sink from the corner to under the window (which would be fine) where the outlet is ! My husband is looking for the blueprints. Any help would be so appreciated!

  37. 1968 frolic owners manual , I am in search of a digital copy of , specifically the power hook up . Can’t find it

  38. Looking for Spare Wheel / Tire and related information for 1972 Red Dale Camper 12-Foot Single Axel

  39. looking for anything on franklin campers i have a 1963 franklin 14 rg

  40. Hello! Any information on a 10’ 1974 Sprite would be greatly appreciated. She’s a bit of a wreck but I am hopeful that information will help me fix her up.

  41. We purchased a restored 1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner. We have some appliance manuals, but it a manual for the trailer itself exists, we would love to either buy it, or get copies of the pages. Thanks.

  42. I am brand new to campers. I just purchased a 1989 Terry Resort 14′ camper. I realize after reading this thread that a chance of a manual is slim to none. I would appreciate some direction. The camper is original. Everything works. Bearings have just been repacked. It was suggested I change out the lightbulbs to LEDs. I need a mattress for the rear bed but the measurement is wanky, probably start with a cut to order foam. HELP! TIA

  43. You don’t have to change out the bulbs but they are far more efficient and generate no heat. I switched mine out to be able to run longer on solar. You are on the right thinking for the mattress. By foam and cut or there are companies that do mattresses for boats with odd shapes and sizes. They can do custom orders but of course they are expensive.

  44. In search of a manual for a 1964 28ft Kenskill trailer. Need to get schematic for fresh water plumbing in this trailer.
    Thanks in advance

  45. Need electrical and plumbing schematic for nomad camper can’t find year on it

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