Titles and Registrations

Camper Titles and Vehicle Registration

NOTE – this list may or may not be completely accurate, please check with your local DMV for the accurate information. Do not rely of this to be accurate.

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There is no one blanket registration rule for campers. Each state governs campers or truck campers differently. In Ohio, for example, no registration is required, but you must obtain a car title. Illinois mandates both a title and registration, while California requires neither. And Idaho demands titling, but only for campers purchased after 2009. For the rules of your state, consult the grid below.

If you reside in a state requiring registration and/or titling, you’ll find the process is almost identical to registering or titling a regular vehicle. Call your DMV before visiting for fee and identification requirements.

State Title & Registration
Alabama Title required only on Motor vehicle 35 yrs or newer, Travel trailers and folding and collapsible camping trailers 20 yrs old or newer, Manufactured homes 20 yrs old or newer. Registration required for all.
Alaska No required registration.
Arizona Title and registration required.
Arkansas No required registration.
California No Title and registration required.
Colorado No required registration.
Connecticut No required registration.
Delaware No required registration.
Florida No required registration.
Georgia Title is required for 1986 and newer campers. Registration is required.
Hawaii No required registration.
Idaho Title only, but only for campers purchased after 2009.
Illinois Title and registration required.
Indiana Title and registration required.
Iowa No required registration.
Kansas No required registration.
Kentucky Title and registration required.
Louisiana No required registration.
Maine Registration required. Title rqd. for 1995 or newer trailers.
Maryland No required registration.
Massachusetts No required registration.
Michigan Title and registration required.
Minnesota Title and registration required.
Mississippi Title and registration required.
Missouri Registration only.
Montana Title and registration required.
Nebraska Registration only.
Nevada Title only.
New Hampshire No required registration.
New Jersey Registration only.
New Mexico No required registration.
New York No required registration.
North Carolina Title and registration required.
North Dakota No required registration.
Ohio Title only.
Oklahoma No required registration.
Oregon Title and registration required.
Pennsylvania No required registration.
Rhode Island Registration only.
South Carolina Title and registration required.
South Dakota No required registration.
Tennessee Title and registration required.
Texas Any trailer that will be on a road, except a car dolly, must be registered. Only trailers over 4,000 pounds get a title. In addition, each county may have requirements (weight certificates, etc.) that can vary county to county.
Utah Registration only.
Vermont No required registration.
Virginia Title and registration required.
Washington Title and registration required.
West Virginia No required registration.
Wisconsin No required registration under 3,000#. Anything over 3,000# title and registration required.
Wyoming No required registration.
Washington DC Title and registration required.