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Travel trailers and pick-up cabs were introduced in the early 1930s, with camper attachments entering the market in the late 1940s. The emergence of mobile homes, also in the late 1940s, shifted manufacturers’ emphasis away from travel trailers and camper attachments. While mobile homes dominated the recreational vehicle market in the 1950s and 1960s, the market for travel trailers and camper attachments continued to grow.

A travel trailer or caravan is a trailer towed behind a road vehicle (or even a horse) to provide a place to sleep which is more comfortable, sheltered and protected than a tent. It provides the means for people to have their own home on a journey or a vacation (holiday), without relying on a hotel, and enables them to stay in places where none are available.

Travel trailers and caravans vary from small basic models which may be little more than a tent on wheels to those containing several rooms with all the furniture and furnishings and equipment of a home. They are used extensively in North America and Europe (including Britain), so this article deals mainly with those continents. However, travel trailers and caravans are also very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The travel trailers and caravans built in each of these parts of the world tend to have developed in a distinctive style characteristic of the continent or country concerned.

Motor homes are a large motor vehicle equipped as living quarters

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