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Decade Made
   New Brunswick
   New York
   South Carolina

Vintage Camper History

More popular than ever, vintage camper trailers appeal to both young and old alike. There are many styles to choose from, including teardrop, pop-up, folding, and Airstream. Vintage house trailers, built in either plywood, aluminium and fiberglass, were once built only by skilled tradesmen, but modern mass production methods have made campers less expensive and more obtainable than ever.

vintage camper history

The main selling point of house trailers, also referred to as caravans, was the affordable price, appealing mainly to middle class families. They now had the option to drive to other U.S. states or European towns they had never been to, as other travel methods were too expensive. After WWII, people realized how much easier and cheaper it was to travel with a house trailer, and soon trailer sites started to appear in the countryside and parks.

Origins Of The Travel Trailer

Praised as one of the most revolutionary eras in history in terms of technology, the 1930s paved the way for many of the inventions we use on a regula