Cygnet was both the model name and the company name. The campers were made in Woodstock,New Brunswick, Canada.


“cygnet” from Greek kyknos: a young swan

Manufacturer Information

The company was Cygnet Canada Ltd. from Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. They were made fom 1970 to 1976. In 1976 there was a 21ft model made, but in low numbers as it was the final year.

The following information is from the 1975 sales booklet :

  • 14′ deluxe-2 sleeper
  • 14′ deluxe-4 sleeper
    • The 14′ trailer weight is 1285-lbs with a hitch weight of 120-lbs
  • 16′ deluxe
    • the 16′ trailer weight is 1470-lbs with a hitch weight of 130 lbs
  • 18′ deluxe
    • the 18′ trailer weight is 1640 lbs, with a hitch weight of 145 lbs

Standard Features

3 way fridge, propane stove, stainless steel sink, heavy duty bumper, screens, including door, coil spring and shock absorber suspension on some models, 25′- 110v extension cord, water tank, 4 corner stabilizers, manual parking brake, curtains (privacy curtain on 16′ and 18′ models), surge brakes, overhead cabinets, dish and plate racks, roof vent with screen, cushion vinyl floor covering, city water hookup, Formica counter top, awning channel, propane tank, circuit breaker service panel, hub caps, rubber door mat, 12volt-110 volt lighting, car to trailer plug in, full length mirror, fully insulated body, and zippered mattresses and cushions.

Unique features/Options

furnace, propane light, spare tire, spare tire carrier, spare tire cover, double propane tanks, outside light, fixed toilet, portable toilet, propane tank cover, awnings, add a rooms, propane light, sewer hose carrier.

There was also a office option, but no info was given, other than “contact the head office.”

In late model 1974 the door was changed to a squared top and had a window with a screen in the door; previously, the door top was rounded with no window.



Some parts – door hardware especially – are available at

Some owners

My name is Earle Fraser and I have a 1974 Cyget 16′ Standard model. I am working on trying to find some company info. Was lucky enough to have some sale brochures, and the owners manual with my trailer. The camper with the rounded door is mine. It is almost all original, save for the tires, and front window. The floor covering is new, but the old stuff is still there. Would love to hear from any other Cygnet owners. My email is I have started a Cygnet group on Facebook so join away !!

We have a 1975 Cygnet 18-foor 6-sleeper, which we have owned since 1985. Its picture may be seen at, then “search” for 1975 Cygnet. Recently a carpenter rebuilt most of the wooden roof framing and rear-end framing. At the same time, I installed new tail light assemblies and some of the clearance lights. I have for sale some new Cygnet parts such as inside and outside door locks, corner handles, door hinges, door retainers, crank handle for legs, etc. Bill, e-mail: .

I just bought an 16′ 1976 beaut! Here’s her photo gallery:


This is the Offical Cygnet Camper Facebook group.