TCT Membership

$20.00 / year

TCT Membership that renews automatically for $20/year


Memberships that are purchased online as a subscription are $20.00. That is 20% off our mail-in membership fee.

A Tin Can Tourists Membership is good for everyone in the family that camps together.

This will setup a subscription that will annually renew until you cancel the subscription. This makes renewals a breeze, since they are automatic. You don’t have to worry about anything,  we do the work for you.

New members will receive laminated membership cards, a TCT window decal, a TCT chronology from 1919 to the present, and a current edition of our newsletter (Tin Can Tales).

Members will have access to special content on the website, will have special discounts on items in the store and will have access to members only products. Members can find all of the information they need about their memberships in the Member Area. Members can access the area from the “My Account” page by clicking “View”. Members can sell their vintage camper for free in our classifieds and they get their ad marked as features.

Why sign up for Automatic Renewal?

  •  Continuous membership. Your exclusive benefits and services continue without interruption.
  •  Saves time. One less bill to remember and no stamps or checks needed.
  •  Saves the environment. Less paper generated with fewer mailings.
  •  No risk. Cancel at any time.

Membership dues are $25.00 for a single year

Click here to print a membership form and mail in a check

If you are having difficulties with our website – you can easily pay your membership fees through paypal at:

If you use the link, please provide membership information in the notes section.

Tin Can Tourists is open to everyone. You don’t need a “vintage” trailer. You don’t need a museum level restored trailer.

There are currently over 2500 TCT members. All you need is a love of these vintage “Kings of the Road”. We are dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, and promotion of vintage trailers and motor coaches.

TCT offers you a chance to meet and have fun with other owners who share your interest in vintage RV’s.

Click here to learn how the club uses membership fees

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