Classified Ad System – Marking a Vintage Trailer as “SOLD”

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Our Classified Ad system is free and gets a lot of activity. We are constantly getting emails thanking us for helping sell their vintage trailer and we love that we can help people find the trailers of their dreams!

Included in those emails is the question “but how do I mark the trailer as Sold in the listing so I stop getting calls?

It’s easy If you follow these simple four steps.

  1. Login into the website – you can use the Login link on the menu, enter your userid/password that you used when creating the ad for your vintage trailer.
  2. Find your ad in the Classified Ad system. You can search for it or you can scroll through the listings until you find it. Click on the listing and get to your ads page.
  3. On that page, you will see a link “Edit Ad” but only if your logged into the website. Here is an page of where that link is located: 
  4. On the Edit Ad page, you will see the button “Mark as Sold”, here is how it looks:

and that’s it. When you mark the ad sold, a SOLD banner will go across the picture in the listing and then the listing will be removed from the system in a few days!


  1. Nothing on this page is for sale. This page is only instructions.

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