Classified Ad System – Marking a Vintage Trailer as “SOLD”

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Our Classified Ad system is free and gets a lot of activity. We are constantly getting emails thanking us for helping sell their vintage trailer and we love that we can help people find the trailers of their dreams! Included in those emails is the question “but how do I mark the trailer as Sold… Continue reading Classified Ad System – Marking a Vintage Trailer as “SOLD”

Vintage Trailer Bluebook

Everyone always wants to know if they priced their trailer appropriately. The answer to that is that if it sells without waiting too long or too fast, you choose the right price. Be aware these are prices that the trailers were listed at and not what they were sold for. Here is some information to… Continue reading Vintage Trailer Bluebook

New Classified Ad System Launched

The old system was no longer being supported, had it’s own userid system and was generally getting old and difficult for us to maintain. We launched a new classified ad system and it’s still free for all to use and benefit from. See it here Tags: Classified Ad

Does “rare” equal valuable?


Rare Trailers A day doesn’t go by that we don’t get an email from someone thinking they have a “rare” trailer and that must mean it is worth thousands of dollars. They searched the internet and can’t find another one like it. Check out the classified ads and see how many have the word “rare”… Continue reading Does “rare” equal valuable?

Other Websites we like

Blogs – Shana is a 1958 red Shasta Airflyte Deluxe. This site chronicles her restoration and adventures with the family that adopted her. Mobile Home Living: A great blog that features vintage mobile homes, advertising and literature on both vintage and modern mobile homes. Facebook Groups – A place to post reissues for sale and… Continue reading Other Websites we like