Does “rare” equal valuable?


Rare Trailers A day doesn’t go by that we don’t get an email from someone thinking they have a “rare” trailer and that must mean it is worth thousands of dollars. They searched the internet and can’t find another one like it. Check out the classified ads and see how many have the word “rare”… Continue reading Does “rare” equal valuable?

Trailer Insurance

Terry Bone and Tim Heintz talk about Vintage Trailer Insurance on a recorded zoom session REDUX! Vintage Trailer Insurance! by Hunt Jones More Great News! The Hagerty Insurance Company of Traverse City MI has finally created a long-awaited Agreed Value product for vintage travel trailers. This is similar to their well-known vintagevehicle and boat programs.… Continue reading Trailer Insurance

Identifying an unknown trailer

Trailer Identification Click here for information on find a Vintage Trailer VIN or Serial NumberĀ  We get lots of questions around helping people identify a trailer they just bought or are thinking of buying. Here are some suggestions to identify your trailer. First off, you need to use Google. If you can’t find a reference… Continue reading Identifying an unknown trailer