Florida Centennial Celebration

Vintage Trailers were the stars at the 100th Anniversary of the Tin Can Tourists. Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville was the campground to host the centennial celebration in Florida. Over 200 Vintage Campers spent the week that featured great musical acts, fantastic food and wonderful cake, historical presentations, car shows, Model T rides, trip to DeSoto… Continue reading Florida Centennial Celebration

Happy 100th Anniversary

2019 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Tin Can Tourists and we are excited to celebrate this amazing milestone with our 2300 members! A little background of how and when the Tin Can Tourists Club was born, here is the basics – The Tin Can Tourists were organized at De Soto Park, Tampa, Florida, in… Continue reading Happy 100th Anniversary

Tin Can Tourists Trailer Classifications

1972 Winnebago Chieftain

The Tin Can Tourists has adopted classification definitions created by Tim Heintz and used by other trailer clubs. The club will use this terminology if a rally/event has certain age requirements. This happens at some events that we are invited to as a special interest display. We may also using this as categories in rally… Continue reading Tin Can Tourists Trailer Classifications

Old Car Festival, September 9 & 10

The Old Car Festival, the nation’s oldest continuously running car event, will be held this weekend at The Henry Ford/Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. The festival will feature vehicles from 1890 – 1932 but it is much more than just a car show. There will be special demonstrations and a number of family-fun activities throughout… Continue reading Old Car Festival, September 9 & 10

Abbreviations on a Title?

Use this table to decode the manufacturer?   VMAType Description Vehicle Make This code table is provided as an example of the data normally found within it. This page should not be used as an authoritative source. Code Value AAA AAA Mobile Home Mfg. Co. AAB A.A.B. Co., Inc. AALI Aalite Co. AAPX AAPEX TRAILERS,… Continue reading Abbreviations on a Title?

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Introducing our New TCT Logo!

Introducing the new TCT logo produced by graphic designer and Tin Can Tourists member Andrew (Roo) Ryan. This logo is reproduced from the original membership pins used by the club in the early days. We hope you like it as much as we do!   Tags: TCT, Tin Can Tourists

Is it a Vintage ‘Trailer’ or a Vintage ‘House Trailer’ or a Vintage ‘Mobile home’ or a vintage ‘Trailer Coach’?

By Tim Heintz (History Lesson 🙂 ) I have been getting a lot of messages and emails asking what the difference between a vintage ‘Trailer’, Vintage ‘House Trailer’, Vintage ‘Mobile home’, vintage ‘Trailer Coach’? Well basically historically they were all the SAME THING…..simply put….TRAILERS. Even the industry was unsure if there were any difference, I… Continue reading Is it a Vintage ‘Trailer’ or a Vintage ‘House Trailer’ or a Vintage ‘Mobile home’ or a vintage ‘Trailer Coach’?

TCT History

Tin Can Tourism: The Golden Age of camping BY PHAEDRA CARTER http://www.bradenton.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/article116633213.html November in Bradenton brings with it cooler weather and the anticipation of our seasonal friends: the snowbirds. Ever wonder how this traditional migration got its start? Well, let’s go back in time. Back to a time before modern commercial air travel, and just… Continue reading TCT History

Tin Can Tourists History Presentation

Here is a presentation on the history of the Tin Can Tourists Club [slideshare id=66598671&doc=owaaqtfcq42otfwaztpo-signature-7d0363a8ad2f41619700f892460047491b0ccf85ff1b4be874d78387b8b64ea1-poli-160930130831] Notes for the Slides: 1. Tin Can Tourists Forrest & Jeri Bone 2. Credits: Florida History Museum Orange County Museum (Orlando) Florida Library & Information Services www.dos.state.fl.us.dlis History Wired – Smithsonian www.historywired.si.edu Library of Congress www.lcweb.loc.gov Mr. Bud Cooper –… Continue reading Tin Can Tourists History Presentation

The Tourists Run (aka The Dixie Highway)

Did you know the Dixie Highway was also nicknamed “the tourist run” with its “tin can tourists” known for eating out of tin cans and camping along the way? Read about the history of the Dixie Highway and the connection with the Tin Can Tourists. Tags: Camping, History, Tin Can Tourists

TCT Membership Cards and Vehicles from 1938

I really like that one of pictures the guy choose was of him changing a flat! Even back then trailering was a family affair, both of their last names are Berg! Tags: TCT

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Time Travel: The History of Camping

Tin Can Tourists played an important role in the history of camping, read the story here: http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/02/time-travel-the-history-of-camping.html Tags: Tin Can Tourists

Does “rare” equal valuable?


Rare Trailers A day doesn’t go by that we don’t get an email from someone thinking they have a “rare” trailer and that must mean it is worth thousands of dollars. They searched the internet and can’t find another one like it. Check out the classified ads and see how many have the word “rare”… Continue reading Does “rare” equal valuable?

Hindsight, by Terry Evans, Tin Can Tourist Member

We completed the Wayzalot in 1999 and traveled with our Rolling Home for about three years before we found the Tin Can Tourist Group.   In 1996, when we started our build, there was very little on the internet relating to vintage campers, maybe a couple groups in California. And there was no camping clubs of… Continue reading Hindsight, by Terry Evans, Tin Can Tourist Member

Car Camping

Does anyone still camp like this? Looks like an old Ford wagon with Florida plates and a chuckbox. No tags for this post.

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Arthur Sherman’s first Covered Wagon

While Dan Hershberger was doing some research for his upcoming Annual Gathering presentation “Michigan Puts the World on Wheels: The Model T and the Early Trailer Manufacturers,” He discovered/uncovered a very significant bit of trailer history right here in Detroit. Read the entire story here: https://tincantourists.com//ArthurShermans1929CoveredWagon.pdf No tags for this post.

Pop-up Camper History Website

    This website has some history on pop-up campers and many advertisements and images. Nearly every manufacturer is covered – very impressive! http://www.popupcamperhistory.com/ Welcome! This web site is dedicated specifically to the history of North American-made pop-up campers. Primarily this web site will accomplish three goals. First it will explore the history of the pop-up… Continue reading Pop-up Camper History Website

1913 Auto Tourists Tent Display

Some great photos of how you camped in 1913 with your Model T http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbone2/sets/72157627744194281/ No tags for this post.

Bowlus Auctioned for $187,000

The bidding war on the Bowlus Road Chief trailer was one of the liveliest at the Gooding auction exceeding their estimate. Final price with buyer’s commission – $187,000! And to think that the TCT had a couple of these as our feature trailer at one of our recent rallies! That price is considered a A… Continue reading Bowlus Auctioned for $187,000

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Event at Harn Museum in Gainesville, Florida

Museum Nights at the Harn Join the Harn Museum of Art on August 12 from 6 – 9 p.m. for “Museum Nights: What I did on my Summer Vacation.” View the exhibition “Jack Nichelson: Sojourner Dream Reliquaries” and engage in a scavenger hunt through the exhibition. View the 1902 science-fiction film “A Trip to the… Continue reading Event at Harn Museum in Gainesville, Florida

Bike Trailer

I wish I had one of these! No tags for this post.

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June Is RV Camping Month in Florida

A resolution declaring June as Recreational Vehicle and Camping Month was recently signed by Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet. The proclamation is in conjunction with the national RV Centennial Celebration taking place in Elkhart, Indiana, and was initiated by both the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) and theFlorida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds… Continue reading June Is RV Camping Month in Florida