Tin Can Tourists Trailer Classifications

1972 Winnebago Chieftain

The Tin Can Tourists has adopted classification definitions created by Tim Heintz and used by other trailer clubs. The club will use this terminology if a rally/event has certain age requirements. This happens at some events that we are invited to as a special interest display. We may also using this as categories in rally awards, but the club is beginning to phase out judged awards.



Trailers/House Cars built prior to the end of the WWII Era (1945 and earlier) are to be considered “ANTIQUE”

1937 Kozy Coach


Trailers/Motor-homes built from 1946-1969 are to be considered “VINTAGE”

1949 American


Trailers/Motor-homes that do not fit the two previous categories but are still 20 years or older are to be classified as “CLASSIC”

1972 Winnebago Chieftain


Anything newer than 20 years old will still be considered “NEW”

2015 Shasta Reissue


  1. Looking at 76 Shasta, it needs gutted. Worried about the cost. Any ideas on cost?

  2. We have a page about how to value a trailer. Look under Trailers on the menu. A gutted trailer is worth very much. They took out all the good stuff! Be careful transporting it. Cabinets add a lot of structure.

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