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New Hosting Service

The Tin Can Tourists website is now on a new hosting service and we have some clean-up to do to get this perfect, so you may see some broken links. One of the things we have done with the move, is eliminated the “blog” directory and moved everything up to […]

TheVAP at the 99th TCT Winter Convention

The guys (hosted by Tim Shepard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde) who record one of our favorite podcasts called the theVAP (Vintage Airstream Podcast) recorded their latest podcast at the Tin Can Tourists 99th Winter Convention. Colin was attending in person, as he’s done for the last few years. http://www.thevap.com/vapcasts/vap0290.mp3 […]

History Flashbacks

Even after our region’s first settlers built towns and cities, some would still head to wilder areas to practice “woodcraft,” as camping used to be called. Sociologist have posited that the desire to explore is endemic in all Americans. The country’s first RV club, the Tin Can Tourists, was organized […]

Hilltop and the Importance of Mobile Home Parks as Endangered Historic Places

Thanks to Nan Engel, the Tin Can Tourists club received permission to share a link for an article written for the Minnesota Historical Society entitled “Hilltop and the Importance of Mobile Home Parks as Endangered Historic Places” Here is the pdf link: http://collections.mnhs.org/MNHistoryMagazine/articles/65/v65i08p314-324.pdf It is really a cool article, even if you’re […]

Not getting our emails

Here are some steps that will make sure you never miss an email from us! Whitelist and prioritize all emails from tincantourists.com This is important, because if our emails aren’t getting through, you’ll miss these important updates and you won’t receive all the benefits of being in the Tin Can Tourists […]

Gypsy Soul Travelers Rally- Jasper County Fairgrounds

“Gypsy Soul Travelers” Rally Jasper County Fairgrounds, Rensselaer, In September 28-30, 2018 Bring your oldie but goodie and have some fun with vintage camper enthusiasts like yourself, at the Jasper County Fairground. – Vintage Campers / RV’s – 1979 and Older Models. – Public Open House/ Tours. – Showers & […]

Dawn Bastian receives the Historic Preservation Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution

September 9, 2017 the Genesee Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution presented Dawn M. Bastian with an Historic Preservation Award.  This award recognizes worthy individuals for outstanding achievement in all ares of historic preservation who have contributed to their community in an outstanding volunteer manner. Left to Right – Carol Powers, […]