“Camper Carryout”

Tin Can Tourists are full of imagination and creativity! Beth Lindner of Michigan sent us these pictures sharing an idea for how to bring the dinner table to the restaurant when all they offer is carry out.

Beth said that “we like to go out to dinner on weekends but got tired of eating lukewarm takeout. So we got the idea to make lemonade and combine two of our favorite things: dinner out and our vintage camper = Camper Carryout! A great way to have some fun and support a local restaurant.

We love your style! Thank you for sharing Beth.


  1. That is awesome!! A great way to support struggling businesses and have a meal out!

  2. We are interested in learning about tin can tourist rally schedules for 2021; we just learned about this while glamping in traverse City last fall Holiday Campground. A fellow glamper stopped by to see our camper a 1975 Fan. This has been a fun project for us two retired gals. Thank you for your assistance

  3. My great uncle Forrest Hanson started and operated the Arcadia, Florida Campground until the ‘Great Depression’. Interested folks can view
    plenty of photos of that era at the Florida state archives under subject, recreation. Google will reveal a few relevant articles with photo’s
    I am working on the Hanson/Harding genealogy and invite communications from any surviving campers with personal recollections of escaping Cold Northern climes for Arcadia winter warmth, Thank you and best regards from Florida

    Uncle Forrest (1883-1981) was the son of my great aunt Henrietta L. Harding and Nils (Nicholas) Hanson (1850-1940) for those of you with Ancestry.com membership; you know where to find The Rest Of The Story…..

  4. Click on Rally on the main menu and you’ll see our events as they get added to the calendar. Join the group and you will get a quarterly newsletter with all of them listed.

  5. I love this idea. It is a win win for all. Yummy food, all while helping local business. Can’t wait to get my little Trotwood, aka ( Haley Mae) ready for camping and now so much more. Thanks for sharing.

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