Photos from past events are now available

Missing Everyone?  Feeling nostalgic?  Scrapbooking?  Wish you had photos?  After a few requests for prints photos from past events are now available.

We’ve had so much fun!

Photos from these events are available now:

  • New Year’s Eve Party 2018
  • New Year’s Eve Party 2020
  • Port Crescent State Park 2018
  • 100th Anniversary Fall Rally Camp Dearborn
  • 100th Anniversary Interlochen State Park
  • 100th Anniversary Orchard Beach State Park
  • 100th Anniversary Spring Rally Camp Dearborn
  • 2018 Fall Rally Camp Dearborn
  • 2018 Spring Rally Camp Dearborn
  • 2019 Wyandotte Spring Event
  • 2017 Wyandotte Fall Event

How it works:

  • Please visit:
  • Visit the galleries
  • Choose the photo, size and quantity add to the cart, complete your order.
  • Your request is received.  I prepare the photos for printing -best crop, colors, etc for your request.  
  • It is submitted to the print house, they print and mail it to you.

If you would like digital files those are available as well.   While the print prices are reasonable, the canvas and other gifts you could order are a bit pricey.   

Even you don’t purchase – visit and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

More events will be posted soon!

If you have questions or other requests please send a message at

Can’t wait to see you again!  Until then, keep safe and start planning your next adventure.

See you down the road.

Thank you!

John Truitt

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