Tin Can Tutoring a huge success!

Tim Heintz helped us unravel the mysteries of vintage trailer insurance in our first virtual TCT session.

You can view the recording of the presentation right here

Couple screenshots from the session:

Special thank you to Tim Heintz for sharing his knowledge with us today.
Please comment below with ideas for improvements and suggestions for future topics.


  1. It was great to see the Zoom program. It has been a long struggle to get the clarity we needed on the levels of coverage. I feel that agreed value is a bargain. Also, special thanks to Hunt Jones for his work on t;h this important topic along with Tim and Terry.

  2. Thank you so much for the clarification on the different type of insurances and what they mean.
    It was very informative and through!
    I especially appreciated if we are restoring a trailer how to handle the insurance issue.
    Also, touching on if GPS devices are with it or not.
    Your expertise is very much appreciated!

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