What is the secret TCT password?

Do you know the secret password? Have you not been able to come to a Tin Can Tourists Rally that had a new member orientation?

If you are a TCT member and want to learn the secrets of the club – we are going to have a virtual new members orientation this Saturday May 1st at 5pm Eastern.

Here is a link to the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/4hd4GyP3A

and here is the zoom link to the event:


  1. What is a better solution? We will record the session and you can watch it on Youtube or our website.

  2. Outstanding and what a great idea! As a member for a number of years now I haven’t been able to attend a new member orientation yet. The fact that you’ll record and post it for us is also amazing as it’s all about timing………Thank you Terry and company!

  3. Hope you can make it – planning for some special freebies to those that attend!

  4. Hi Terry!
    Will you be in Glenrose this weekend for the rally at Oakdale Park?
    This will be our first rally! Hope we get to meet you!
    My husband has been redoing a 1949 Vagabond and he was thrilled to see ya’ll were going to be in Texas!
    We may not have everything quite done, but we’re coming, ready or not!

  5. Hi Boyce & Amy – no, we can’t make the long haul down to Texas right now. I always show like I’m going because I post ALL rallies to the website. Have a bit too much to do to prepare for a rally we are hosting in just a few weeks in Michigan. Just trying to get warm weather to open up our storage barn – we have snow today and high 20s last night.
    Have fun at the rally – the campground host has promised a great time. I did work pretty extensively on the Texas rally, so I’d love to hear your feedback after it’s over.

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