Virtual New Member Orientation

We held a new member orientation for those that haven’t been to a rally recently because of the pandemic.

All of the secrets were revealed to our members and they promised not to share these with non-members!

If your not an official members, you can not watch this!


  1. Thanks for this! We weren’t able to make the zoom due to a sick kid but, we can’t wait until we finish our rebuild and can attend a rally.

  2. My husband and I could not attend the zoom meeting but we watched the video so thank you for doing that! We joined last summer n somehow missed that there were ‘secrets’ for TCT!!

  3. Watched the video this morning. Been a member for about a year but COVID didn’t allow us to attend any events- can’t wait for new beginnings.

  4. Hello. My husband & I have a 1957 Oasis that we are refurbishing. It will not be presentable until end of this summer 2021. Thank you for the video, hopefully we can be in touch. Your secrets are now my secrets!

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