Spring Checklist – Are you ready?

Tin Can Tourists’ member Jim Pritchard posted this list of items to consider when getting your trailer out of storage and ready for your first camping trip! That first camping trip is typically a shakedown trip to make sure things are working but you can do a few items ahead of that.

Spring Camper Check List:

After our campers have set all winter . Print this list out and check each item.

  • Check Water lines after freezing weather is over . Test everything and fix problems before you get to the campground.
  • Make sure no roof or window water leaks during winter or wood damage inside trailer and compartments. fix and reseal
  • Make sure insects and mice didn’t move in. Dryer sheets deter mice and smell good (change monthly)
  • Plug in and run fridge for a couple days. put water bottle in freezer & check if it freezes
  • Turn on A/C and run 15 minutes. Must use Heavy Duty 12 Gauge extension cord or 30 amp service
  • Check tire air pressure and spare per manufacturers pressure on side of tire.
  • Check all lights inside and out. Replace bulbs if needed
  • Check tire date code (age) if 5-6 years old replace check for weather cracks
  • Check and fill propane tanks and check for line leaks (if you have)
  • Flush water lines of antifreeze check faucets ( if you have) after freezing temps are over
  • Light burners on cook top let burn minute or two ( if you have)
  • Check hitch and ball for looseness and wear , safety chains, wiring plug. Grease and oil up hitch so it works smoothly
  • Check and charge 12 volt battery ( if you have)
  • Check smoke detector. replace battery every spring.
  • Check fire extinguisher. Needs to be ABC type . And gauge is in the full section.
  • Inspect wheel bearings and seals. Grease with high temp grease yearly if camper is pulled a lot.
  • Make sure license tag has up to date sticker
  • Open all widows doors and roof vents. oil up WD 40 all moving parts so all works smoothly.
  • Make sure you have separate insurance policy to cover value of camper.
  • Make sure you have a spare tire, jack, 4 way lug wrench and plenty of wood blocks 4x4s 2x12s 2x8s for leveling camper at campground
  • Unroll your awning make sure no holes rips or moldy and you have all poles ropes stakes and a good hammer
  • Unroll and test all you water hoses pressure regulator, carry extra gaskets and have 30 amp extension cord & 50 to 30 adapter

What else would you add to the list – reply in the comments and we will get those added and make the list as complete and thorough as possible.


  1. Great list. Two suggestions –
    Paperwork – Registration for trailer, insurance cards, medical papers, pet papers, etc.

    Wipe down counters and air out trailer

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